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I have never hit reblog so fast in my LIFE.

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a movie about two asexual aromantic best friends who have a best friend marriage for tax benefits

that does not end with a scene of swelling music and passionate kiss where they realize they really do love each other after all

It ends with a fist bump or something. I’m on board. 

but it should end with the big swell of music that makes people think they’re going for the kiss when really it’s for the fist bump ending

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Heyy tumblr

Other people are not medicine.
It took me 9 years to figure that out  (via coendure)

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OUTsider chronicles the journey of Ruth Marimo, who traveled from Africa to the United States, from abused wife to an out lesbian activist, from a life of fear to one filled with joy. Her trek from the shadows of uncertainty and shame into the bright light of self-acceptance and fulfillment is a story that is richly rewarding and uniquely compelling.

 “OUTsider is a moving coming out tale, a deeply feminist memoir, and a bewildering look at the ridiculousness of immigration policy in the US. A must-read for women, and the people who love them.”

- Diane Anderson-Minshall, Editor at Large, Advocate Magazine 

Get your copy here!

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