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My obligatory Teen Wolf queer rant. Like clockwork.

Jeff Davis has said that he’d consider making Stiles bisexual in canon if it was relevant to the plot and if it wasn’t distracting.
Because the only conceivable reason I can think of that you’d find a character simply being queer…


Minaj and Aiko


Minaj and Aiko

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💖 ” Don’t be boring ” 💖

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Models in nubianskin lingerie

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He was a romantic in his own harsh way…yet he was also realist enough to know that some times love actually did conquer all.


It’s all up in the air and it’s one big mess. So kiss me and let’s forget everything for just a little while, because I’m tired and would like some peace of mind for a change.



Cold wet stones piled out back

Splintered wood lined the path

Flowers dead on windowsill

These walls have ghosts please do stand still

Ceiling brown and shadowed room

Dusty floor from broken broom

Ants below a liquid roof

A world away from any truth